Weddings and Celebrations in the Mountains

We will prepare a fairytale wedding for you in the middle of the Orlické Mountains.

Your wedding day will be memorable for your entire life, and not only because of saying the magic words “I do” but also thanks to our goat team meeting all of your wishes and organizing your entire wedding with the care and love rightfully deserved on your big day.

Foto svatba

Weddings Held in the Goat Shed


In addition, you may also use our Koliba hut with a grill, where we can prepare some delicacies for you, such as roast piglet on a spit, grilled specialties or sausages directly from the smoker.

Celebrations Held in the Goat Shed

Are you planning to organize a family celebration or company party? Our team is fully at your disposal, we can lend a helping hand in the preparation and we can take care of the refreshments as well as the programme.

If you have any questions or wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.